Frequently Asked Questions

 Placing Orders Online

How do I order currency online?

How does the BuyBack Guarantee work?

How much will I be charged when exchanging currency online?

How much can I order online?

How do I know what rate of exchange is being applied to my order?

Do you offer the same rates online as in your branches and online?

I placed an order online, but I did not receive an email confirmation - What should I do?

 Questions about currencies

Can I order more than one currency?

Can I exchange Russian rubles (RUB)?

Can I exchange Ukrainan hryvnia (UAH)?

Can I exchange foreign coins to euros?

The currency I need is not listed on your website - How can I order it?

Order delivery

How long will it take to receive my order?

Will I be charged for delivery to my local Post Office?

If I choose postal delivery, how will my order be delivered?

Can my order be delivered to any address of my choice?

What happens if my order doesn't arrive at my local Post Office?

What do I need to collect my order from a Local Post Office?

What do I need when collecting my currency from a ChangeGroup branch?

 Paying orders

Which payment methods do you accept?

How do I know my payment details are secure?

How secure is my personal data?

 Order Cancellations & Returns

Can I cancel my order?

Can I modify my order once I have received the order confirmation?

What do I do with any unused currency when coming back to Finland? Can I return part or all of my order?


 Customer service

How can I contact your customer service?

How can I leave feedback to ChangeGroup?


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