Affiliate Partners

Our affiliate partners offer our Travel Money Online services to their clients on their websites, social media networks or premises, enabling them to earn significant commissions on their clients’ purchases at ChangeGroup. We use an innovative, 3rd party platform, Partnerize, which guides and tracks referrals to ensure that each of our affiliate journeys are smooth for both the consumer and for our partners. Our online services managers will work directly with you to customise an optimal online offering for your customers and to maximise your referral commissions. Apply now


Partnering with ChangeGroup

✓ We have served more than 45million people since 1992.

✓ High online conversion rates.

✓ Easy affiliate tracking integration.

✓ Perfect for websites, bloggers, travel industry businesses and charities.

✓ Strong international brand seen by more than 400 million people each year.

✓ No Limit on sales.

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How Does it Work?

After applying in the link below, you will have the chance to establish an agreement with our 3rd party partner platform, Partnerize, who will monitor all the transactions you refer to ChangeGroup.

There are no fees or setup costs to joining, and you can start earning money immediately. You will be paid monthly through the Partnerize platform and can monitor your sales performance in real time with an easy to use analytics dashboard provided by Partnerize.

ChangeGroup will provide you with special adverts and other well tested creative assets and marketing tools, such as text links, banners and widgets that can be embedded on your site to easily refer customers to our site.

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International Partners

If your business is based in a country that does not have a ChangeGroup presence, but you serve customers frequently travelling to one of our countries, we would still be delighted to work with you as a partner. If you refer a customer to us, they can simply place their order online for collection on arrival at their destination,

Due to our cookie policy for partnerships, if a customer clicks through your link to ChangeGroup, but does not make a purchase immediately, you will still get your commission if the consumer purchases currency from ChangeGroup within 30 days.

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