Our ATM Network

ChangeGroup is a major innovator in ATMs, driving improved customer experience for malls and retailers and bringing you best-in-class solutions for both local and multi-currency ATMs, without the need for overheads. ChangeGroup can offer both “free to use” and “customer surcharge” ATM options across Europe and North America, currently in 12 different countries. Our ATMs can be found in some of the most prestigious locations around the world, from Harrods in London to international airports, casinos, railway stations, and famous shopping areas, such as Times Square in New York. 

Please contact us at any of our country offices to discuss your needs or send us an email to: atms@changegroup.com

Man using an ATM

Earn Rent from ATMs

We work with landlords and retail businesses who require ATM services and are looking to earn extra income by providing ATM facilities to their customers. We cover all design and installation processes, including seeking planning permits, and we pay for all related costs, as well as creating effective signage for the ATM. Unlike most other Travel Money companies, we own our own ATM network and do not outsource our ATMs to other providers. This means we have full flexibility over the design and aim to find the best solution for each individual retail requirement.

Simple On-Boarding Process

We take care of the difficult jobs, so you don’t have to. We provide the capital outlay and pay for the unit and its operations. We make the process to on-board an ATM as simple and painless as possible: 

  1. Site Survey: Our site surveyors visit you to find the optimal ATM locations.
  2. Easy Setup: Installation professionals set up your ATM quickly & efficiently.
  3. Comprehensive Support: We provide you with on-going professional maintenance and cash management, marketing materials and a 24/7 Helpdesk for any questions.
3 symbols. Survey, Set-up and Support.
Cash withdrawn from an ATM.

Benefits for Your Company

In addition to earning extra income, providing an ATM for your customers brings a multitude of added benefits for your business and helps you to attract new customers to your premises. Research shows that by providing instant access to cash, impulse sales, as well as customer loyalty are increased. We have found that 80% of our ATM customers make purchases within 100 meters of our machines, and that having cash in their pockets increases consumers’ discretionary spending, directly benefiting the surrounding retailers and hospitality venues. Our multi-currency ATMs also attract and support foreign tourists as well as outbound local travellers.

Our ATM Range

We offer a large range of differing designs and applications for our ATMs and would be glad to help you to select the most suitable options for your business’s individual circumstances. We have several free-standing, through-the-wall and trapeze designs and can also provide customisation and bespoke options. If you require a specific unit from NCR or Wincor Nixdorf this can be arranged.

3 styles of ChangeGroup ATMs.
A shop window with 3 cash dispensers

ATM White Label Solution

We also offer an option for other ATM brands and major retailers to use our technology and payments infrastructure on a white label basis. These ATMs are typically filled with cash from the retailers’ own stores and this cash recycling  enables the retailers to reduce their cash processing costs with banks and CIT providers. By encouraging cash payments in store, the retailers can also save credit card processing fees on customer transactions by as much as 4% and turn customer payments processing into a profit centre rather than a cost centre.

Our Partners

We are members of many local and international card schemes including LINK in the UK, Visa, Mastercard, China Union Pay, American Express and many more. We actively support the use of cash in the local economy and offer DCC dynamic currency conversion for international card holders. This functionality provides international customers the certainty of a specific exchange rate when making withdrawals abroad. ChangeGroup is a member of ATMIA, the international ATM industry association, where we contribute our international expertise to promote best in class security and technological processes.

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