Travel Money Online

Whether you are planning an adventure in Thailand or a weekend getaway in London, ChangeGroup’s Travel Money Online service will get your holiday off to a great start. Simply order the foreign currencies you need in our convenient online platform and we will deliver your holiday cash securely direct to your nearest post office. Alternatively you can collect your order for free from any of our branches downtown or conveniently from Helsinki Vantaa Airport when departing.

Globally, cash represents half of all consumer transactions and unlike at home, many shops, taxis, restaurants and bars abroad often accept cash payments only. See our helpful video below about cash use abroad. We offer our best rates online, so don’t compromise on your holiday, use our online service to make your money go further. Your holiday savings start here!

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Best Rates Online

Our best rates are always offered online and by buying your travel currencies before you depart, you will save both time and money. Our simple and secure ordering process is easy to use, safely delivered direct to your nearest post office and all Travel Money Online orders are made with 0% commission. We sell both major currencies and exotic ones, so are sure to have an answer even to the most experienced travellers’ needs.

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Airport Pick up or Delivery by Post

By planning your order in advance you get to choose the most convenient delivery method for you circumstances. We can deliver your holiday cash direct to your nearest post office by insured post. Alternatively you can select to pick up your order for free from any of our downtown or Airport branches, whilst still benefiting from our lower online rates. You can also get our BuyBack Protection online, allowing you to return any unused travel money at your original purchase exchange rate. 

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Holiday Cash Benefits

When purchasing your holiday cash before you travel, you know exactly what exchange rate is used and you are able avoid surprises on expensive Credit Card & ATM exchange rates and fees. Using cash in smaller shops also helps you to avoid the dangers of card fraud and credit card cloning. Many shops, taxis, restaurants and bars abroad often accept cash payments only. This Is why it is vital to carry some travel cash with you as well as having your credit card. See our quick and helpful video for holiday payments here.  

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Collect Avios - the new loyalty currency of the Finnair Plus program

At ChangeGroup, we are proud to collaborate with Finnair in order to offer our customers loyalty points for every currency purchase. The new loyalty currency of the Finnair Plus program is called Avios, which you can collect online with all currency purchases over 600€. You will earn 300 points for orders over 600€ and 600 points for orders over 1200€.

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Global Cash in Demand

While there is no denying that technology has been key in changing and evolving the ways in which businesses and consumers pay for goods and services, demand and use of cash remains at a high level internationally. 

On a global scale, almost half of all consumer transactions are still made with cash and most central banks are providing their local economies with more physical cash than ever before. In Europe, the total value of euro banknotes in circulation has grown dramatically in recent years. According to the European Central Bank, the value of euro bank notes in circulation grew from €221 billion in 2002 to €1’314 billion in 2020 and its rise is expected to continue.