Tax Free Refunds

If you are travelling in Finland and normally reside outside of the EU, tax-free shopping allows you to make additional savings on your purchases in Finland, across the vast majority of retailers, by letting you claim back part of the VAT (Value Added Tax) that local shoppers have to pay. You can then claim your refund at ChangeGroup’s Tax Refund branch located conveniently at Helsinki Airport right next to the Customs Office. Here is a simple guide to make your tax-free shopping journey hassle-free and rewarding.

Tax Free shop window

1. Shop & Claim a VAT Voucher

Shop at any store that offers tax-free shopping in Finland. ChangeGroup partners with all major VAT refund companies, such as Global Blue, who work with most of the world’s leading brands. Remember to ask for a VAT voucher at every store you shop at and keep this along with your normal receipt. Fill in the personal details requested in the voucher at your convenience prior to leaving for the airport.

2. Customs Validation

After checking-in and clearing security at the airport, visit the Customs office with your VAT Refund vouchers and shopping receipts, which will be validated with a Customs stamp. The Customs Office is located next to Gate 29, Airside, within the Schengen area, before passport control. Please pack the items you are claiming a refund on, in your hand luggage, so that you are able to show them at the Customs Desk.

Airport sign pointing to the Customs area.
ChangeGroup's Tax Refunds shop at Helsinki Aiport.

3. Visit ChangeGroup for Refund

Finally, visit our ChangeGroup branch conveniently located next to the Customs desk by Gate 29, to receive your refund. Simply bring along your passport, customs-stamped VAT vouchers and shop receipts. We can process VAT shopping vouchers issued anywhere in Finland and can give you an immediate VAT cash refund in your chosen currency or refund your credit card. Find our VAT Refund branch here:
ChangeGroup, Helsinki Airport, Gate 29

If you have any further inquiries, please call our Airport refund shop, accessible at the link above

ChangeGroup kiosk in a mall.

Buy-Back Guarantee

With our Buy-Back guarantee, you can return the remaining currency after the trip at the original purchase rate up to 50% of the order value and up to a refund amount of 2,500 EUR in foreign currency foreign. The buy-back guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of original purchase and costs only 6.95€ withe 0% commission. You can redeem it at any ChangeGroup office in Finland.